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Niger, my dream

freie Reportage - November 2017

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Women have an average of eight children, men wish for 16. Girls are married with an age of 14. Men are married to several spouses. Abortions are illegal. The suicide rate among women is one of the highest worldwide. 89 percent of the female population are not able to read and write. Yet what are these women dreaming about? Do they have recurring dreams at night? Are they comforting ones or nightmares. What are their dreams, desires and visions for the future?

I dreamed about a dream. 

I heard it’s always by my side. 

Just like a fingerprint, belonging just to me. 


I dreamed about a dream.

Yet clear and bright. 

But at the same time rough like my oppressed hands. 


I dreamed about a dream. 

But with the first light, 

a glimpse took it away into the dusty streets. 


I dreamed about a dream. 

Day by night, sunrise to moonrise. 

I stare and stare and touch my kids’ closed eyes.

(Text: Lara Keuthen)

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